You mastered the dusty way through the whole big net only to visit us?
We feel pleasure to welcome you at our little place in the web.

Unfortunately this is just a small page to inform you in general about us and our products:

We are a small but flexible company, producing especially doors out of steel and aluminium.
We are specialized on fire-smoke-proof- and safety doors.

Not trying to be vain, we see our advantages in following features:

We are positioned in the very near of hanover, the city of the biggest industry fair in world, the home of the world-expo 2000.
Our region is called "the schaumburger country", although not more than about 30 km away from hanover,
our region is very much countrylike, we are proud on our own very special traditions of lifestyle, clothing and more...
For more informations take a look at our link-site!

Donīt hesitate to ask for any information. Weīll try to help as best as we can.